Aviation User Fees

The US Government is proposing to introduce user fees for General Aviation turbine aircraft operations, being a $100 per flight fee.  Despite the Government’s assertion that such a tax is a good thing, it should come as no surprise that others disagree.  Ask anyone in countries whose aviation industries have been decimated by such taxes (such as Australia and New Zealand) and you will become nervous… will such taxes be restricted to turbine ops, or is it just the beginning?

In those countries user fees are expanding and increasing while once-strong aviation industries are being crushed out of existence… a death spiral with nothing but hard earth below.

Saying YES to one tax affecting one portion of the industry could never affect me, right?

Once the mechanisms are in place no Government can resist charging more.  Beware the bull!

The US based Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA) is one of many organisations fighting the imposition of such fees. If you want to add your “cranky” to a pile of others in the hope of fighting this bull, pull up your pants and give them your support.  They can be found online at www.aopa.org